"Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotions. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood." 

​​"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence"                                                                                        Henry David Thoreau

Your Adjustment and Resilience is My Speciality



NYS Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Welcome.  My practice is founded on my acceptance of our resilience, courage and the pure will of the human condition. Even at our best, and with outside support, events and life's transitions can make you feel as if you do not have any interest in the activities and the people that you love. Hopelessness takes over the joy in our lives; this can occur when we are triggered by outside stressful events such as relationships, marriage, children, divorce, an illness, an athletic injury or the loss of a job or loved one.

 My online psychotherapy practice, and divorce coaching, began after years of home visits treating individuals who were unable to drive due to fragile health, care giving to children, aging parents, and busy NYC career professionals. Switching my practice from in person, to on-line face to face psychotherapy, and coaching, reaches busy individuals who are experiencing challenges and who need to work towards a resolution in the same way as in person treatment.

Why psychotherapy?
People with whom I work ask me why they should enter into psychotherapy to alleviate symptoms,  or to resolve conflicts as opposed to 'trying harder on their own.' I explain that most  symptoms or conflicts occur because you may be confused or denying your own needs, feelings and perceptions.  Psychotherapy is an education about you. Together we develop your self awareness, how to trust your intuition and facilitate your ability to be mindful and reflective in your everyday behavior and in your relationships.  Neuroscience confirms you cannot control how you feel, yet you can understand why you have specific feelings and learn how to trust them; that is my role. This leads to a realistic view of the consequences of your actions and better adjustment.  

My approach to psychotherapy :

An awareness of how your history, biology and emotions came together creating who you are, and regulating your emotions is the goal of psychotherapy, and to a more fulfilling life, work and love.   

 My speciality :

I specialize in developing resilience and adjusting to life's difficulties; this involves knowing when you can express strong emotions, and when you need to suppress them in order to function. Resilience involves flexibility and patience balanced with appropriate action. Resilience includes periods of great emotional pain and physical stress derived from any significant trauma or tragedy.  It can also be due to positive life events, such as marriage, a new baby, the clarity of your sexual orientation, or moving to a new culture/country. Any change in your life can affect you with feelings of fear, vulnerability, and weakness. However, by opening our perspectives, and altering our thinking, and working through the emotions and effects of the events in our lives, we can develop our resilience and learn how to once again flourish. 


I currently provide psychotherapy and divorce coaching exclusively via tele-therapy. ​


Random Thoughts Psychotherapy P.C.

The choice to begin therapy is an act of having the courage to take the journey into yourself. Trust the process.....